Venue #14 Jill Fenwick

Over on Station Road, you will find the incredibly talented artist, garden designer and illustrator Jill Fenwick, merging all three roles into one and making it look effortless!

Jill Fenwick

Jill has always been been interested in the fusion of Japanese and Western art. This is reflected in the clean and simple lines of her garden designs which are softened by free-flowing plants and flowers. The careful balance between negative and positive space is all-important to Jill whether it is in her drawings, paintings or gardens and Jill feels, “that Japanese art has been a great influence on me in this respect”.

Venue #12 – Jill Fenwick

Just round the corner on Station Road, you will find our garden designer and illustrator…

Jill Fenwick

All aspects of Jill’s work will be on show, ranging from drawings from life to images of private gardens featured on TV