Venue #45 Mary Quarmby

Another welcome returner to the Trail is Mary Quarmby and her bold, beautiful and colourful stained glass art. Mary is running workshops during the Trail. If you’d like to have a go at copper foiling to make a glass star, do check our workshops page for details and contact Mary for booking.

Mary Quarmby

Mary is a contemporary glass artist using fusing and slumping to

Venue #44 Meryl Kelsey Masters

Joining us again on the Peacock Arts Trail is the incredibly talented Meryl Kelsey Masters who will be exhibiting from her home in Chippenham. Meryl is offering workshops during the Trail – do see our workshops page for more information and contact Meryl for booking.

Meryl Kelsey Masters

Meryl’s present work is mainly painting in acrylics, working from sketches and photos taken on travels around the world and at home. Meryl has dabbled in many aspects of art, craft and design over the years, encouraged by her mother who was an art teacher and lifelong painter, embroiderer and dress maker. After studying jewellery design

Venue #43 Yelde Hall, Chippenham Arts and Cultural Events

Our second venue in Chippenham is the Yelde Hall, on the Market Place, not far from the Museum and Heritage Centre. Here you will find a newly refurbished building exhibiting the work of the Chippenham Arts and Cultural Events group.

Venue #42 Chippenham Museum & Heritage Centre

We’re nearing the end of the Trail now, but we still have a LOT to see, with more artists than ever in Chippenham!

We are delighted therefore that our next venue on the Trail is Chippenham Museum and Heritage Centre, where we have three of our talented artists exhibiting. Located in an 18th century grade II listed building, the entrance to the Museum is through the shop, located off the Market Place next to the Angel Hotel.

Barking Hen Jewellery: Tamara Eggleston –

Tamara, a jeweller/designer for over 20 years, hand-makes her jewellery from a little studio in her back garden in Chippenham. Using traditional silversmithing techniques, her jewellery is inspired by nature and tends to mirror the changing seasons. Tamara’s favourite metals are a combination of silver and copper as they contrast so beautifully.

Venue #41 Fi Redmond, Kington Langley

Our third venue in Kington Langley is the wonderful textile artist, Fi Redmond. Fi is a returning artist to the Trail, and this year is offering free activities on a drop-in basis every day. Do check your brochure or our workshop page for more details. Find Fi at the white house on the corner by the A350 traffic lights.

Fi Redmond

Fi is influenced by “a fascination with history and art history; it is figurative, and largely reflects interiors, ceramics and landscape”.

A typical day involves exercising “the hound”, getting the children to school and a certain amount of coffee and baked goods before Fi starts playing with fabric – “it usually takes far longer faffing about with textures and planning a piece than it does to stitch it”!

Venue #40 Sam Perry, Kington Langley

Also in Kington Langley is mixed media and sculpture artist Sam Perry. Find her on the edge of Kington Langley, just beyond Langley Nurseries. Sam is also one of our artists who is involved in our community age project – do see page 5 of the brochure for details, and visit the exhibition at Corsham Town Hall during the Trail.

Sam Perry

Sam’s art is built from mythology, folklore, and psychological space, “to explore the underpinning complexities and poetics that invisibly thread through our lives”. Working from a large studio space, Sam has three series of work that she is working on

Venue #39 The Barn Gallery, Kington Langley

Our next venue is The Barn Gallery in the beautiful village of Kington Langley. Here we have four of our talented artists exhibiting, all new to the Trail – it never fails to amaze us how much talent there is to discover in this area!

Olivia de Rivaz

Olivia is a veterinary surgeon and self-taught artist whose paintings are inspired by the animals of the British countryside.

Venue #38 Kathy Hutton, Yatton Keynell

From Slaughterford we move on to Yatton Keynell and the wonderful Kathy Hutton. Her studio is a joy to visit – light and fresh and full of inspiration. Kathy will be offering botanical print workshops during the trail – check her website for details. Be warned, she will book up quickly! Kathy is also a committee member so if you need any help on the Trail, Kathy will be happy to help.

Kathy Hutton

Having trained in textile design and worked as a designer/product developer, Kathy is now a printmaker, producing her own original art and teaching beginners printing workshops from her home studio.

All of Kathy’s work is hand printed, building layers slowly, “with as much love for the process as for the plants that inspire”.

Venue #37 Dominic Clare, Slaughterford

Next on the Trail is Dominic Clare in Slaughterford. Dominic will be also be offering wood carving workshops on the Trail so do have a look at our workshops page for details on how to book.

Dominic Clare –

Dominic’s studio can be found on the outskirts of the hamlet of Slaughterford. His large gallery space is packed with a multitude of varied and intriguing sculptures from monumental to tiny and delicate.  This looks down on a cavernous workshop where you can see a busy sculptor’s work in progress.

Venue # 36 David King, Upper Ley, Box

A stone’s throw from venue #35 is David King – professional photographer, animator and designer. David is a newcomer to the Peacock Arts Trail so lets show him a warm welcome and find out more…

David King

David is a professional photographer who divides his time between graphic design and animation, and photography. David tells us, “photography is my passion. I have taken pictures for as long as I can remember. For me nothing comes close to the excitement of encountering something for the first time and