Venue #20 Emelie Hryhoruk

Please join us in saying a big hello to Emelie – an Award Winning Artist creating empowering portraits to bring out your inner Super Hero – who is joining us again this year after a fantastic 2017 Trail!

Emelie Hryhoruk – 

Creating her pieces using hard and soft bodied acrylic and spray paints, Emelie builds her portraits with semi-translucent layers to signify emotion and personality.  With a history of depression and severe PND, Emelie strives to help others travelling the same journey by encouraging people to talk, be empowered and by supporting the MIND Charity through her work.

Venue #36 – Emelie Hryhoruk

Still in Kington Langley is the quirky, gifted artist Emelie Hryhoruk who creates vibrant and enchanting seascapes with a little magic!

Emelie Hryhoruk

Emily tells us that she, “creates ethereal paintings by combining elements of her childhood alongside her love of the sea. The cows are an invaluable part of the process. Stumbling upon a well-known rabbit, perhaps, or a flower fairy twirling on the pebbles whilst sipping champagne, a cow soon turns to two, then a few more, and before you know it thousands jump at you from the serenity of ‘Cow Pebble Beach'”.