Venue #37 Dominic Clare, Slaughterford

Next on the Trail is Dominic Clare in Slaughterford. Dominic will be also be offering wood carving workshops on the Trail so do have a look at our workshops page for details on how to book.

Dominic Clare –

Dominic’s studio can be found on the outskirts of the hamlet of Slaughterford. His large gallery space is packed with a multitude of varied and intriguing sculptures from monumental to tiny and delicate.  This looks down on a cavernous workshop where you can see a busy sculptor’s work in progress.

Venue #32 – Dominic Clare

In the pretty little village of Slaughterford you’ll find something a little bit different in Dominic Clare’s studio with large sculptures in wood and sometimes steel and slate.

Dominic Clare

Dominic’s art draws upon a wide variety of cross-cultural sources: from his African birthplace to nature and ancient history. He uses a chainsaw, shot blasting and burning techniques to transform large pieces of wood.