Venue #25 Chapel Knapp, Gastard

The incredibly talented Claire Baker and Chris Dunn are back on the Trail in 2019 and we can’t wait to see what wonderful work they have created since the last Trail two years ago!

Claire Baker – 

Claire revisits the memories and emotions associated with vintage ceramics, using press moulding and hand building techniques. With a huge love for the Victorian costume, theatre and fairytales, Claire’s art has a hint of gothic and wicked playfulness. Victorian costume influences the design and texture of her ceramics.

Venue #21 – Claire Baker & Chris Dunn

In Gastard you will find two well-seasoned art trail artists who have been taking part in the Peacock Arts Trail since 2013! Claire, for her sins, was also a member of the committee until 2015 so if you want any tips on how to make the most of the Trail, or you need to pick a brochure – or just want a good chat – this is the place to go!

Claire Baker

Claire’s designs have a style that is all her own the ceramics she creates revisit the memories and emotions associated with vintage ceramics