Venue #22 Artist Studios at New Farm, Lacock Road

Peacock HQ is over the moon that we have a group of 7 artists at New Farm again in 2019! Take a seat, relax and read on…

Alun Crockford – 

Alun is a photographer producing work ranging from commercial advertising to fine art personal work using large format film.

Having spent 35 years working a photographer for over 35 years, Alun has covered all aspects of photography from high end digital to large format film. When not in his studio Alun enjoys studying the history of photography and medieval art. Through participating in the Peacock Arts Trail, Alun’s intent is to introduce people to analog photography.

Alun is also responsible for the majority of the wonderful photos you see on our website and brochure – thank you Alun!

Rebecca McCarthy-Carter – 

Participating in the Peacock Arts Trail is very important to Rebecca as it is her main exhibition and gives her the motivation to find time to create. She finds

Venue #17 Hermione Skrine

We’re delighted to welcome back Hermione Skrine to the 2019 Trail! Visit her on Priory Street to see her figuartive painting – still life, portraits and landscapes.

Hermione Skrine – 

Hermione has always drawn, and turned to painting after studying for a degree in Fashion Design. She tends to look around her and paint what appeals, “I think part of the trick is to see differently. I always look out for colour and rhythm. I am always happy to help anyone to look and to draw”.

Venue #15 June Yeatman

Just round the corner from Jill Fenwick at venue #14, we are welcoming June Yeatman back for a fourth Trail. Thank you June for supporting us from the start!

June Yeatman

June describes herself as an, “ancient artist with many years experience and many styles of most painting media – landscape (local), and paintings on silk. Inspired by nature”.

June originally trained at the Wimbledon School of Art before

Venue #14 Jill Fenwick

Over on Station Road, you will find the incredibly talented artist, garden designer and illustrator Jill Fenwick, merging all three roles into one and making it look effortless!

Jill Fenwick

Jill has always been been interested in the fusion of Japanese and Western art. This is reflected in the clean and simple lines of her garden designs which are softened by free-flowing plants and flowers. The careful balance between negative and positive space is all-important to Jill whether it is in her drawings, paintings or gardens and Jill feels, “that Japanese art has been a great influence on me in this respect”.

Venue #12 Celia Smith

We’re delighted to have Celia joining us for a fourth time on the Peacock Arts Trail! This year she will be exhibiting from her home studio in Prospect…

Celia Smith – 

Celia Smith is an artist who draws with wire. She describes her creative practice as “other artists use pencil, I use wire as a drawing material.

Venue #11 The Pound Arts

You may be feeling a little tired after visiting the 10 artists at the Almshouses but fear not, the next venue is downhill! After a gentle stroll, and perhaps a brief sit down in The Pound Arts Centre fabulous cafe, you will be feeling ready for your next 3 artists…

Caroline Rudge – 

Caroline is a fine artist and animator, specialising in the beautiful medium of Egg Tempera. Her work focuses on portraiture and still life – in particular studies of nature, skulls, bugs and wings. Her art draws inspiration from medieval icon paintings. She also produces

Venue #10 Corsham Almshouses

From Sanders Painting & Sculpture, you can continue your stroll around Corsham with a short walk down Pickwick Road to the top of Pound Pill. On the corner at the top of hill, opposite the gates to Corsham Court, you will find the Corsham Almshouses and Schoolroom. We are delighted to be able to use this incredibly well preserved seventeenth century building again in 2019.

This year you will find 10 of our fabulous artists exhibiting at the Almshouses, including painters, ceramicists, jewellers, glass artists and stone sculptures. Get comfy, and read on…

Kate Davies

After studying at Bath Academy of Art in Corsham, Kate worked for many years as an illustrator of children’s books with a brief spell working as an architectural illustrator. She now paints her own watercolours which strongly show the influence of those years, “populating well known, recognisable scenes, with little anthropomorphic characters”.

Kate’s day starts with a short walk to

Venue #9 Sanders Painting & Sculpture

Our Venue #9 is the newly opened Sanders Painting and Sculpture on Pickwick Road where brothers Jonathan and Michael Sanders will be exhibiting their beautiful art.

Jonathan Sanders

Jonathan has painted since leaving art college but has also become, “fascinated with the lost wax method of casting in bronze, aware that I am carrying on a tradition predating Roman times”.

The Countdown to the 2019 Trail Begins! Venue #1 Corsham Town Hall

In the run up to the 2019 Trail we will be writing a blog post on each of our artists, venue by venue. These posts will expand on the information that you will find in our Exhibitor list and in the brochure with some fascinating insights into their work.

Kicking off our artist countdown are Michael Sutherland, Lyndsay Tarren-Leister, Chloe Pinheiro and Jane Jameson. These 4 fabulous artists will be exhibiting in Corsham Town Hall in both the Chamber Room and the Methuen Room. 

Michael Sutherland – 

Exhibiting for the first time this year is Corsham based artist Michael Sutherland whose work features landscapes, portraits and still life in acrylic and watercolour.

Welcome & Brochure 2019!

We have had lots of new followers to our website and mailing list recently and so we wanted to say hello and thank you for joining us! We hope you’re as excited about the 2019 Trail as we are – it’s going to be bigger and better than ever!

We have over 85 artists over 46 venues this year so there is a lot to see. All of our exhibitors are listed on our website with full details about the artist, how to contact them and when/where they will be exhibiting – Exhibitors 2019