Venue #11 The Pound Arts

You may be feeling a little tired after visiting the 10 artists at the Almshouses but fear not, the next venue is downhill! After a gentle stroll, and perhaps a brief sit down in The Pound Arts Centre fabulous cafe, you will be feeling ready for your next 3 artists…

Caroline Rudge – 

Caroline is a fine artist and animator, specialising in the beautiful medium of Egg Tempera. Her work focuses on portraiture and still life – in particular studies of nature, skulls, bugs and wings. Her art draws inspiration from medieval icon paintings. She also produces intricate watercolours and linocuts.

Caroline describes her studio at the Pound as “half chaotic art space, half crèche”. Like many of the artists exhibiting, Caroline juggles the challenges of parenthood and creative practice. Discussing what inspires her, Caroline enthuses, “every job, commission, painting is a challenge. I love what I do…Art is the backbone of my life. It is my sanctuary”.

Rachel Heard – 

Rachel’s work is inspired by natural forms and phenomena, based on an intuitive response in colour and composition. Exploring a variety of paint and techniques, she aims to gain a depth of colour and texture, searching for organic pattern. Describing what inspires her and what she enjoys most about her work, Rachel says “small hidden gems in nature inspire me like lichen or snail trails and the favourite part of my work is pouring the paint and watching how it blends/reacts/makes patterns on the surface of the canvas”.

Rachel enjoys the freedom of pouring paint and manipulating the canvas to build up layers, striking a balance between intention and an unknown outcome. Rachel is passionate about art advocacy and has seen first hand how it can fulfilling for young and old, having worked for the Wiltshire based charity Arts Together and in local primary schools – “I find that art promotes confidence and self belief in a persons ability and identity and can lead to a greater sense of well being overall”.

Clare Winnan

Clare has always made things and it comes quite naturally to use her hands and work with tools and objects. As a fine artist she makes of sculptures using found objects, which include dolls furniture. The next step for progression of these sculptural pieces was to start working on bigger chairs, which led Clare to upholstery. After trying a one day course Clare discovered a new passion, training for a year at the Traditional School of Upholstery in Holt.

Clare loves to create beautiful, show stopping pieces of furniture that customers will love and cherish. As a new resident artist at the Pound, Clare loves her studio space, having lots of windows for natural light and space for her tools and chairs. Describing what influences and inspires her creative practice, Clare says, “lots of things inspire me from other artists and artworks to simply all nature. I draw and paint lots of things in nature and take inspiration from those colours and textures into my fabric choices within my work”.


Venue #10 Corsham Almshouses

From Sanders Painting & Sculpture, you can continue your stroll around Corsham with a short walk down Pickwick Road to the top of Pound Pill. On the corner at the top of hill, opposite the gates to Corsham Court, you will find the Corsham Almshouses and Schoolroom. We are delighted to be able to use this incredibly well preserved seventeenth century building again in 2019.

This year you will find 10 of our fabulous artists exhibiting at the Almshouses, including painters, ceramicists, jewellers, glass artists and stone sculptures. Get comfy, and read on…

Kate Davies

After studying at Bath Academy of Art in Corsham, Kate worked for many years as an illustrator of children’s books with a brief spell working as an architectural illustrator. She now paints her own watercolours which strongly show the influence of those years, “populating well known, recognisable scenes, with little anthropomorphic characters”.

Kate’s day starts with a short walk to her ‘drawing room’ where she spends the day, “working on a painting of my own design – finding the photographic reference I need for the location, drawing the basic bones of the picture, creating the characters and ‘storyline’ for the piece and sketching them in – or maybe it is already drawn on watercolour paper and I am painting away, listening to Radio 4…”

Words significantly influence Kate’s work – “almost all of my paintings have something wordy about them that has brought about their being.  It might be the actual title I give the painting,  or the phrase, poem, or single word that brought an image to mind, planted the seed which grew into the painting.  All my work is very illustrative”.

This is Kate’s second time exhibiting at the Peacock Arts Trail and she enjoys, “meeting the people who love art and sharing your love of it with them”.

Maggie Roberts – 

From her small workshop at home – or sometimes just her kitchen table! – Maggie creates beautiful jewellery using sterling silver and silver clay. Combining these raw materials with pearls and semi precious stones, she produces a simple range of  elegant affordable jewellery.

Philippa MacArthur – 

Philippa makes sculptural forms for indoors or outside, based on the wonderful world around us. Philippa tries to incorporate implied or actual movement into her work, either by the way it’s constructed, or seeing the way simple components become something else once they’ve multiplied.

Philippa is currently taking a Metalwork for Sculptors course to enrich her design possibilities and is inspired by giving people joy through her work. Philippa enjoys participating in the Peacock Arts Trail as it gives her a sense of pride in her surroundings and community and it gives her an opportunity to connect with the public.

Breige King

This will be Breige’s third Peacock Arts Trail! Describing herself as being mainly self taught, Breige uses traditional techniques and equipment and she can usually be found in her workshop in her family home.

Whilst Breige enjoys working with newly sourced metal and stones, her true passion is working with a piece of jewellery that has meaning, perhaps a piece left by a loved one, taking it and breathing life back into it. She says, “making people happy inspires me! It’s such a wonderful feeling, particularly when I rework an heirloom piece. With any piece of jewellery I make, the privilege is all mine. It is such an honour when a customer asks me to make them an engagement band, a wedding ring, remodel a piece of jewellery, as if I step outside of my life and straight into theirs”.

Jane Gibson – 

Seascapes and landscapes seen on her travels influence Jane’s ceramics. She loves throwing – which she finds addictive! – and trying out new shapes. Though she finds glazing always a tense time as so much work is easily ruined at the last minute!

This is Jane’s first time exhibiting on the Peacock Arts Trail and she is excited to show her work to a wide audience and seeing which ideas are successful. When asked how art has changed her life, Jane reflects, “what else is there to do? It is so fulfilling and therapeutic”.


Jan Nesbitt – 

Jan uses watercolour and gouache, sometimes combined with coloured crayon, preferring this medium because of the glowing brightness of the colour, which fits in with the subject matter of her work. Encouraged by her parents, Jan realised that her real interest lay in the ‘magical’ things that always seemed to sizzle out from the rural places where she most loves to be.

“I’ve always loved colour…the natural world gives me my inspiration, and I like to go directly and freshly there to see what I can find with all my senses open. I think that a personal link to the natural world is so important for all of us”

Jan also teaches three painting sessions a week from her kitchen table, demonstrating a variety of techniques that, “hopefully will enable people to find and develop their own areas of interest”.

When asked if art has changed her life, Jan says, “yes it’s changed my life in a very enriching way, and it’s a wonderful way to escape from yourself into another outside world, as well as continually developing an expressive skill”.

Cheryl Cork – 

Cheryl’s work is very spontaneous, with the shapes not being planned or designed in advance, and is inspired by nature and emotions. She works from a studio in her garden which she describes as, “quite small and womb-like, a very precious space in which to escape”.

Cheryl enjoys opening the kiln to find out if work has turned out as expected and, “to embrace the sometimes unexpected results”. She finds her main challenge is spending so much time alone in her studio and so finds the arts trail a most “enjoyable way to engage with enthusiasts, and to receive feedback”.

The Glass Collective – 

The Glass Collective is a group of glass artists who meet regularly to design, explore and create independently or collaboratively.

This is the fourth time they have joined us on the Peacock Arts Trail. “Currently we are investigating different facets of art that extend and compliment our glass. These include calligraphy, painting and textiles”.

Victoria Jarman – 

Victoria prefers the immersive part of her work, simply sitting at her bench and enjoying the making process. Her jewellery is elegant and understated with a focus on clean lines, soft brushed finishes and minimalist designs.

Ethics are integral to Victoria’s work, which means only using recycled and Fairtrade metals, and beautiful ethical gemstones.

When not running her own business, she can be found juggling the challenges of parenthood, helping to organise the Peacock Arts Trail*, walking the dog and spending as much time as she can in the garden.

Participating in the Peacock Arts Trail is very important to Victoria – “it’s great to meet other local artists/makers, get my name out there and just generally have a chat with lovely people who appreciate the hard work that goes into handmade jewellery”.

* Victoria is one of the Peacock organisers – please feel free to drop in and ask any questions about the Trail itself!

Cathy Wood – 

You will find Cathy in the wonderful gardens at the Almshouses, exhibiting her outdoor stone sculpture.

Thanks for reading. Tune in tomorrow when we journey to the Pound Arts Centre…

Venue #9 Sanders Painting & Sculpture

Our Venue #9 is the newly opened Sanders Painting and Sculpture on Pickwick Road where brothers Jonathan and Michael Sanders will be exhibiting their beautiful art.

Jonathan Sanders

Jonathan has painted since leaving art college but has also become, “fascinated with the lost wax method of casting in bronze, aware that I am carrying on a tradition predating Roman times”.

Venue #6 Elizabeth & Humphry Barnikel

Skipping up Corsham High Street we find ourselves at number 36 (next to Green Ginger), the venue for Elizabeth and Humphry Barnikel. Please note they will be exhibiting in their garden studio – access is via the public car park at the back of The Methuen Arms Hotel.

Elizabeth Barnikel – 

Elizabeth gets her inspiration from a large range of visual sources and has  begun to move through areas of simplification and abstraction. As a child

Venue #2 Bath Spa University, Corsham Court

We’re delighted to welcome Bath Spa University to the 2019 Trail! Join Tim Jollands in the basement gallery at Corsham Court for A Show of Hands, an exhibition of posters and ephemera celebrating the manicule or printer’s fist – expect quirky wordplay, visual puns and decorative joy from letterpress printers across the UK.

In the adjoining Albion Press Room, you can see letterpress in action and print a keepsake on one of the hand presses.

The Countdown to the 2019 Trail Begins! Venue #1 Corsham Town Hall

In the run up to the 2019 Trail we will be writing a blog post on each of our artists, venue by venue. These posts will expand on the information that you will find in our Exhibitor list and in the brochure with some fascinating insights into their work.

Kicking off our artist countdown are Michael Sutherland, Lyndsay Tarren-Leister, Chloe Pinheiro and Jane Jameson. These 4 fabulous artists will be exhibiting in Corsham Town Hall in both the Chamber Room and the Methuen Room. 

Michael Sutherland – 

Exhibiting for the first time this year is Corsham based artist Michael Sutherland whose work features landscapes, portraits and still life in acrylic and watercolour.

Welcome & Brochure 2019!

We have had lots of new followers to our website and mailing list recently and so we wanted to say hello and thank you for joining us! We hope you’re as excited about the 2019 Trail as we are – it’s going to be bigger and better than ever!

We have over 85 artists over 46 venues this year so there is a lot to see. All of our exhibitors are listed on our website with full details about the artist, how to contact them and when/where they will be exhibiting – Exhibitors 2019

Final Deadline Approaching – 2 Days Left To Apply!

Applications will close at 6pm on Sunday 31 March.

To join us please read our membership information and apply online. Any questions, please contact us!

It’s official – we’re growing! The response this year has been overwhelming and we’ve far surpassed the number of artists in 2017 so everything is looking good for a bigger and more fabulous Trail! 

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Exhibitors 2019 

Early Bird Deadline Approaching!

Peacock HQ is blown away by the brilliant response to our call for exhibitors already! Applications are flooding in and we have over 40 exhibitors already!

For those who are thinking of applying, just to remind you that the early bird deadline for applications is Thursday 28 February, so you have 3 days left to benefit!

Have you seen our new Exhibitors 2019 page to see who’s signed up? There is a lovely mix of familiar faces and new artists so we recommend you have a peek now. Peacock HQ is already getting really excited about hitting the Trail!

Peacock Arts Trail – Applications For 2019 Are Now Open!

That’s right, WE’RE BACK and we’re going to be bigger and better than ever!

The 2019 Peacock Arts Trail will run from Saturday 5 – Sunday 13 October.
That’s 9 lovely days of art art and more art! 

Artist: Philippa MacCarthur

Artist: Chic Newbury


If you’re a visitor to the Trail, you will be rewarded with the opportunity to meet our talented exhibitors and ask them all your burning questions, as well as potentially have a peek behind the scenes in their workshops. We want to make this trail the best Arts Trail there is so you can see just how much talent we have in this area! Please come and share our passion!