You will have probably spotted by now that Corsham has been yarnbombed! Look out for pompoms up trees, ladies flying with balloons & cyril the sausage dog!

This is thanks to the fabulously talented Emma Leith who has been knitting & crocheting like a mad woman all summer! We were very excited to be featured by the Gazette & Herald newspaper, and we thought we’d share a few of our piccies from our adventures on the streets of Corsham…(obviously our identities had to be protected with balaclavas!)

Download The Brochure

Well the great news is that pretty much all 5000 printed brochures have been handed out now! There are some left at the Goldfish Bowl and The Pound Arts Centre and a few others dotted here and there, but get one quick as they’re disappearing fast!

But for those of you who are just discovering us, or who have found out about the Trail via one of our online streams, you can now download your own copy of the brochure from the homepage, our Artists Directory page or right here! Peacock Arts Brochure 2013 (pdf)

Peacock HQ have been absolutely delighted to see so many people out on the Trail for our first weekend – thank you so much for the support and we hope you’re enjoying visiting our wonderful artists! We hope you can make it round all the venues, & don’t forget those ones a little further out – they are well worth the trip, we promise!


Courses & Workshops on the Trail

Just to draw your attention to page 3 of your brochures where you will find a list of courses and workshops available during the week of the Trail…

courses and workshopsMassive apologies to Sandra & Penney whose course descriptions got a bit mixed up. Their course titles and contact details are correct though so please contact the artists direct to find out more!

Peacock Venue #25

The next 3 venues are our ‘bonus’ venues on the trail, not in the brochure but make sure you don’t miss out on them! First up…

Venue #25 ~ Firs House, Upper Common, Kington Langley

Vivienne Wallace ~ Sculptor

Peacock trail photo

Peacock Venue #24

Venue #24 ~ The Barn Gallery, Church Farm, Kington Langley

In a beautiful setting, The Barn Gallery is host to 7 artists!

Elisa Amor ~ Sculpture, Textiles, Mixed Media

elisa amor - small for web

David Norfolk ~ Photography

David Norfolk web

Sandra Porter ~ Printmaking

Grille VII Collograph web

Chris Platford ~ Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Photography, Mixed Media

Chris Platford web

Lesley-Anne Meaton ~ Jewellery


Peter Berry ~ Glass


Chiara Gill ~ Painting

Chiara Gill small for web

Peacock Venue #23

Venue #23 ~ The Old Forge, The Street, Yatton Keynell

En route from Chippenham to Kington Langley you will definitely want to stop off in Yatton Keynell to see this artists’ amazing prints…

Kathy Hutton ~ Printmaking

Kathy Hutton web

Peacock Venue #21

Venue #21 ~ 57 Parliament Street, Chippenham

Our first artist to sign up, thank you Jan for kicking things off to a beautiful start!

NB. Change to opening times for Jan ~ all as in the printed brochure, except the Wednesday and Thursday which will be 1.30 – 5pm  instead of 11 – 5pm.

Jan Steele ~ Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography

Bridge Bath (600x419)