Artist Resources – Social Media

Whether you just use it for keeping in touch with family and friends or you have so far avoided it like the plague there’s no denying that used properly social media can be a fantastic tool for your small business or event, especially for promoting events like open studios and arts trails as there is so much going on.

Novice or an expert, we hope there is something in here for everyone – if we work as a community we can raise the profile of the trail and each individual artist and maker.

Before we get started we’d just like to say that we are still ourselves learning what works and what doesn’t through trial and error. Having said that, all of us on the Peacock Committee use social media regularly for our businesses and make many new contacts through social media so we believe it’s really worth putting a little time in to get more familiar and confident with using it.

It can be overwhelming and very confusing, so we have broken down these guides into the three of the main platforms: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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Social Media – How To Guides:

  1. Facebook [PDF 130KB] (our Facebook page is
  2. Twitter [PDF 164KB] (our Twitter page is
  3. Instagram [PDF 130KB] (our Instagram is
  4. Hashtags [PDF 234KB]  (our popular hashtags are #peacockartstrail  #peacock_workshops and #peacock_makers ,  #peacock_studio – please feel free to use whenlevant to build up content relating to the Trail)

Building Relationships

As with all social media platforms, liking and commenting on others posts is vital to start building up relationships. It does take time – it’s an investment – but used correctly it can be very successful for you. If you just post and don’t interact, you can’t expect others to interact with you or even to know you’re there. A good time to interact & start liking, commenting, retweeting & sharing is just after you have posted yourself. This lets other users know that you are active and encourages them to visit your post.

Good etiquette is to respond to comments and to return the favour of likes & shares. Some very big companies still take the time to do this, even though they have vast numbers of interactions.

Take some time to try them out, you won’t be able to use them all so find the one that you are most comfortable with and that you are getting the most engagement with. Aim to update & interact regularly, and vary your content. Don’t just use it to ‘sell’ yourself. Social Media is not your website; instead people like to see behind the scenes, your inspirations, your work in progress rather than just finished products.

Other Resources

There are also loads of free resources out there, especially on Twitter. One of our favourites is The Design Trust, it’s an incredible source of information for small creative businesses

Have fun with it, enjoy & be kind.