Apply 2019

To apply for the Peacock Arts Trail 2019 you need to:

  1. Complete our online application form below.
  2. Email up to three landscape print quality images (minimum of one) of your work to (minimum 300dpi, max 1MB). Please mark ONE of the images for use in our brochure, e.g. ‘brochure-[your name]’. The other two images are optional and will be used for marketing purposes. NB. We reserve the right to crop your image to square or round if we feel that it will fit aesthetically in our brochure so you may want to bear this in mind when choosing your main brochure image.
  3. Complete payment via BACS transfer to – Cooperative Banking: Sort Code – 08-92-99; Account Number – 65818680. If you do not bank online you can go into your local branch and ask them to make the transfer for you. Please use your name as a reference so we know who has paid. Cash and cheques will not be accepted. NB. if you have exhibited with us before and stored our bank details, please note that the bank details may be different from last time you exhibited and you will need to update.

Once all three of these has been completed we will confirm your submission.

Please read our membership information before applying.

Online Application Form:

coming soon!


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