Venue #12 Celia Smith

We’re delighted to have Celia joining us for a fourth time on the Peacock Arts Trail! This year she will be exhibiting from her home studio in Prospect…

Celia Smith – 

Celia Smith is an artist who draws with wire. She describes her creative practice as “other artists use pencil, I use wire as a drawing material. It goes without saying that I am a hoarder of wire. Picking up a rusty piece of metal on a farm track, or finding a squashed electrical cable in a road, are for me, like finding little bits of treasure. Scrap yards are favourite place of mine the textures and piles of wire are very inspiring. I intentionally seek out old and interesting wires and like using rusty and corroded wires – the patina attracts me. By collecting wires I feel like I am collecting my lines with which to make my drawings – some are bold and thick like a marker pen, others are hair thin like the faintest of pencil lines.

Birds are Celia’s main inspiration; capturing their movement and character is her primary concern. Celia regularly goes, “out on drawing trips to nature reverses and islands”.

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