Welcome & Brochure 2019!

We have had lots of new followers to our website and mailing list recently and so we wanted to say hello and thank you for joining us! We hope you’re as excited about the 2019 Trail as we are – it’s going to be bigger and better than ever!

We have over 85 artists over 46 venues this year so there is a lot to see. All of our exhibitors are listed on our website with full details about the artist, how to contact them and when/where they will be exhibiting – Exhibitors 2019

All of these details will also be listed in our beautiful printed brochure. These will be distributed all around the area from mid-September in as many locations as we can manage. To be sure of picking up a copy we recommend visiting central Corsham with the Town Hall and TIC as your best bet. We do highly recommend you pick up a printed brochure as it serves as a wonderful guide to our local artistic talent long after the Trail has finished and you need that perfect, handcrafted item for a special present.

We’ve been busy working away on our brochure and although it’s not quite finished, here is a little sneak preview for you –

And finally, do look out for our social media campaign running this summer. From mid-August we will be posting daily features on each of our venues and all of the artists who will be exhibiting there. These links will also be shared on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so you won’t miss out!

Facebook – www.facebook.com/peacockartstrail
Twitter – https://twitter.com/peacocktrail
Instagram – www.instagram.com/peacockartstrail

Thank you so much for your continued support!
Peacock HQ

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