Venue #9 – Heather Sparks

Venturing towards Prospect you will find our next artist, Heather Sparks, on Broadmead who is very much looking forward to sharing her art with visitors during her first appearance on the Peacock Trail.

Heather Sparks

Heather explains how she creates are art:

“My work is continually changing. I mainly paint in acrylics. Either abstract, landscape or figurative work. I also like weaving with paper and collage. This year I have been experimenting with textile design. I often take photographs before I paint and manipulate them on the computer. Sometimes my work is meticulous and other times I like to work quickly and loosely and maybe tear my paintings and realign them in an abstract way.

I work either in my studio (shed) if the weather is good and I know I’ll be making a mess, otherwise I work in my conservatory. I also enjoy cooking, decorating and walking. The main challenge to my work? Having the time to do it!”

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